Organization and communication are necessary components of a successful business. Businesses nees instant access to all data, ensuring tasks are managed properly. Accomplishing this requires more than simple determination, however. It instead demands software solutions.

Project HQ

Management isn’t an easy task. There are variables to consider and team members to oversee. Organizing information can seem impossible, but the use of Project HQ makes it easy. This open source software allows users to track the progress of individual events and files, generate spreadsheets, and be aware of all changes as they happen (with AJAX interactive programming offering immediacy).


Time is everything in business, and it must then be scheduled, with every hour planned and accounted for. ActiveCollab allows that to be a simple process. This server software offers time tracking, with all progress monitored carefully. All changes are noted and reminders are offered for any impending deadlines. This ensures that all participants are kept up-to-date. Interactive calendars, notifications, and more are also available.


Communication is a necessity, but keeping in touch with team members in different time zones and locations can be challenging. DotProject eases that concern. This open platform provides users with detailed contact lists, discussion forums, interactive file capabilities, and ticket system emails, allowing individuals to be certain of when their memos are received. It is much much easier to communicate across the globe with this program.


Files must be shared. No project can survive when information isn’t traded. Large attachments can prove to be difficult for standard email to handle. Instead of sending copies of files as email attachments, try using aMule. This peer network site enables users to send out massive documents, without suffering from lagging downloads or incomplete transfers. All data can be offered immediately and without complications.


No project is perfect. Team members will make mistakes and some information will be incorrect. It’s imperative to be able to revise all data quickly without having to constantly reprint files or send new attachments. OpenGoo makes that a possibility. Interactive editing functions, including online configuration and independent formatting, allow users to fix what they need to. This keeps all tasks on track.


Projects must be structured carefully, with teams able to understand what they’re meant to do and how they’re meant to do it. Redmine allows that to happen. With an open source foundation, this site offers managerial modules, task visibility, and work-flow tracking systems. This enables all users to recognize their personal goals and schedule them properly to make the best use of their time.


Business needs to be mobile. Smartphone technology is used daily to keep in contact with teams and clients. Basecamp software ensures that even projects can take advantage of this. It provides browser services (no apps or downloads are required) and enables users to download files, edit information, track emails, and more, right from their cells. It’s instant support and instant ease.

Project management isn’t a simple process. It can, however, be handled well. You just have to invest in the right technology. Are you ready to finally succeed? Leave a comment about project management software you prefer.