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How Blog Comments Attract Traffic

Posted by Carl Glasmyre - September 27, 2012 - Blogging

How Blog Comments Attract Traffic As a blogger, you have something to say, whether it’s about business, baking or birds. With regularity, you post insights, photos and tips in an effort to share your interest with readers. You believe you’re doing your best, yet your blog hasn’t attracted any new readers recently. Consider how commenting […]

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How to Use Ad Extensions to Improve PPC Campaigns

Posted by Kenneth Javellana - September 14, 2012 - SEM

You may believe it or not but the pay per click ads have already captured majority of the properties found in the results pages of search engines. If you are in doubt about this, then spend a minute to do a search in Google for something that you wish to purchase over the weekend. You […]

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How to Manage What Job Recruiters See About You Via Social Media

Posted by Jordan Mendys - September 6, 2012 - Social Media

It is not exactly news that social media is playing a role in job seekers finding opportunities. For the most part, it can play a wonderful role in connecting potential employees to employers through avenues like Linkedin, and it is great for business. While these are great outlets and resources, social media has also had […]

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Why Invest on SEO Even Though It Isn’t Cheap?

Posted by Kyle Kam - September 3, 2012 - SEO

There are approximately 6.89 billion pages indexed on the World Wide Web as of July 10, 2012. Out of the 7 billion people that currently populate the Earth, about 2.26 billion are Internet users as of the end of 2011. When a start-up company thinks of creating a website, having to compete with this staggering […]

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