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Give a Little to Get a Lot with Link Building

Posted by Nick Stamoulis - July 31, 2012 - SEO

When is a link more than just a link? When it has the potential to create even more links! Too often site owners look at link building as a one step practice—find a blog, leave a comment, get a link; write a press release, get a link; share content on Facebook, get a link. But […]

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How to Hit the Bull’s Eye When Targeting Foreign Search Markets

Posted by Alesia Krush - July 30, 2012 - SEO

Does your online business target countries other than your own? If it does, you probably know that promoting a website in a foreign market can be challenging for a number of reasons. First, each country is a unique search ecosystem with its own search engines, mobile Internet penetration rate, etc. Second, in a foreign country, […]

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Can These 13 Search Engines Steal Google’s Crown? [Infographic]

Posted by Mark Thompson - July 27, 2012 - SEO

Over 15 years, Google has risen from a mere idea to prominence – and solidified its position as the world’s leading search engine. However, even though Google has absorbed many of its rivals there are still new contenders popping up all the time. Most of these new search engines realise that they cannot directly take […]

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Six Figure Mastermind Now Open – Accepting Students!

Posted by Mark Thompson - July 26, 2012 - Make Money Online, News

Hopefully you guys have seen a few of my emails or read my previous blog post about the Six Figure Mastermind coaching program I have been putting together the last few months. We have just OPENED THE DOORS and are now accepting students who are serious about how to make a full-time, sustainable income online. […]

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Six Figure Mastermind – Launch Week (Training Video #1)

Posted by Mark Thompson - July 23, 2012 - Make Money Online, News

Hey all StayOnSearch readers.  You have probably wondered where I have been for the last 6-12 months.  To be honest my business has changed in a different direction (for the better!). I have found that the Affiliate Marketing and Product Creation side of the Internet Marketing industry is A LOT more fun…and profitable 🙂 This […]

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How to Dominate Keyword Research in 2012 and Beyond

Posted by Mark Thompson - July 12, 2012 - SEO

Keyword research doesn’t get a lot of love in the SEO world. For some weird reason, SEO-geated blogs put an untold amount of emphasis on building backlinks. While there’s no denying the importance of backlinks in SEO, it’s also hard to argue with the fact that keyword research is just as — if not even […]

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Beyond Facebook: Diversifying Social Media

Posted by Olga Ionel - July 11, 2012 - Social Media

Internet marketing is rapidly becoming the most powerful tool utilized by companies and individuals to bring attention to themselves and generate an income online. A wide variety of websites have come and gone in the past, due to public interest waning and the overuse of internet marketing during its more brutish and spam-filled days. All […]

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Samsung Creating New Social Network…’Samsung Facebook’?

Posted by Mariya - July 4, 2012 - Social Media

The world of technology is full of surprises where nothing is impossible. Billion dollars’ worth of businesses can be created in a short time span and the brightest of ideas fail to impress the customers. Samsung’s plan with Facebook surely has to be the biggest blockbuster of 2012 and has surprised most analysts in the […]

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