Archive: February, 2011

My Thoughts on the Newest Google Algorithm Update [w/ Results]

Posted by Mark Thompson - February 28, 2011 - News, SEM, SEO

On Friday, Google officially announced an algorithm change that is one to pay attention to.  Typically when Google updates their algorithm, it is something so minor that you wouldn’t really notice a huge increase/decrease in your traffic and organic rankings.  However this update is a change that will surely have an impact on how people […]

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Mobile Optimization: What You Need to Know

Posted by Kevin Harris - February 25, 2011 - Design/Development

Don’t think you need to make your website mobile friendly? Think again. The statistics show that more than a third of the folks out there access the Internet with their phones. While some phones such as the iPhone are capable of pulling up regular, “full” websites on the Internet, many other phones don’t have that […]

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Four Search Marketing Strategies That Work

Posted by Nitin Aggarwal - February 23, 2011 - SEM

Search engine marketing is the art of promoting websites by increasing their visibility in search engines using SEO techniques, PPC, contextual advertising and more. What makes search marketing different is the fact that you do not search for customers. They search for you. You know it based upon the prospects search query, so the targeting […]

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What To Check Before Your Site Goes Live

Posted by Doug Bond - February 22, 2011 - Design/Development

Think you’re ready to publish your website?  Think again.  There are a few things you need to check out before you go live on the Internet. You may have invested a day, week, month or more writing, arranging and designing your website, meticulously observing every conceivable detail.  But even the most experienced web designers set […]

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SpyFu Recon Files – Start Showing Real Value in Your SEO

Posted by Mark Thompson - February 21, 2011 - Analytics, News, Tools

If you are not familiar with SpyFu, they provide intelligence data on your website and your competitors, offering organic and paid search data that will help you outrank and learn more about your target market. SpyFu just announced its Recon Files Report, which is a much of the same competitive intelligence that is included in […]

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4 Tips on Running an International PPC Campaign

Posted by Suttida Yang - February 18, 2011 - SEM

Running an international PPC campaign will have its challenges beyond the obstacles that you may run into when running a PPC campaign in just English. The importance of understanding the markets and customers outside of the US are only going to further help you see a strong ROI. Below are a few tips to help […]

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Point Copy Profit, 16 Year Old Making 6 Figures Online!

Posted by Mark Thompson - February 16, 2011 - SEM

As you may have noticed recently I have been trying to add more information about making money online, rather than just the normal SEO and social media type posts that you are accustom of seeing.  I think this is extremely important, as it is one thing to be able to optimize a blog or website, […]

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Keeping Your SEO Clients Expectations In Check – 5 Rules To Live By (Part 1/5)

Posted by Jeffrey Gross - February 15, 2011 - SEO

Have you ever been faced with an SEO client who wants instant results? If you are in the SEO business – it is safe to assume that the answer would be an emphatic “YES!” Imagine being able to drastically cut down on the phone calls and emails of panicked clients who (after 3 weeks) have […]

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