Archive: January, 2010

Using Web 2.0 & Social Media To Improve Customer Service

Posted by Mark Thompson - January 12, 2010 - Blogging, SEM, Social Media, Tools

With all of the new communication tools and technology being introduced, the way that companies handle customer service has been transformed into a more effective and efficient manner.  Users want to be able to receive real-time support and have multiple options to contact a company.  So in order to meet the demands of customers, you […]

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Optimal Screen Resolution for Web Design (2010 Update)

Posted by Mark Thompson - January 7, 2010 - Design/Development

Back in the May 2008, I wrote a post that analyzed what the best screen resolution size was for designing a website.  I thought it would be a good idea to see how screen resolutions have changed in a year and a half.  You can see the results from 2008, along with updated statistics from […]

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Nexus One, Taking Smart Phones To The Next Level

Posted by Mark Thompson - January 6, 2010 - News

Google officially is going head-to-head with Apple, when it announced yesterday the release of the Nexus One smart phone.  The Nexus One has been talked about for some time now, with technology experts chomping at the bit to learn what Google was up to in their mobile lab.  Even though I disagree, there has been […]

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Make Your Content Shareable By Adding a Social Media Toolbar To Your Blog

Posted by Mark Thompson - January 4, 2010 - Social Media

Blogs and websites in all industries have been trying new ways of making their sites more social.  Adding Tweetmeme icons, social bookmarking buttons, and RSS feeds are just a few ways sites are making their content more sharable. Social Media Toolbar Examples Mashable A simplistic approach, is the toolbar that Mashable uses on their site.  […]

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