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How Much SEO Knowledge Should A Client Have?

Posted by Mark Thompson - December 30, 2009 - SEO

In my opinion an educated SEO client is much better than an uneducated client.  An educated client is usually more involved, willing to allocate more budget towards your strategy, and will develop into a longer lasting relationship. So, what level of SEO knowledge should a client have? How Websites Are Ranked? It is important for […]

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Ho Ho Holiday Headlines from the Top Retailers

Posted by Mark Thompson - December 23, 2009 - Ecommerce

With Christmas right around the corner, retailers are trying to tailor every marketing message on their site to compel holiday shoppers to buy some last minute gifts. Here are a number of call to action graphics and headlines the top retailers are using to stimulate shoppers to spend!  I want to wish everyone a Merry […]

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Interview with Social Media Expert Michael Fraietta, Chief Listener at Filtrbox

Posted by Mark Thompson - December 21, 2009 - Social Media

With social media having a huge impact on brand marketing and online reputation, I thought it would be a good opportunity to ask Michael Fraiette, the Community Manager and Chieft Listener at Filterbox,  a few questions that I’m sure are on the minds of anyone looking to start a social media strategy. 1.  What are […]

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SOS Weekly Recap in Search 12/14/09

Posted by Mark Thompson - December 18, 2009 - SOS Recaps

WebProNews:  Things to Consider if Page Speed is Becoming a Ranking Factor ProBlogger:  How to Make $30,000 a Year Blogging Google Blogoscoped:  Google Tool to Check How Much of a Page Appears in Typical Browsers Mashable:  Track Social Engagement for Any Website With PostRank SEOmoz:  How To Monitor & Track Google’s Real-Time Search  My […]

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Google, How Important Will Page Speed Be in 2010?

Posted by Mark Thompson - December 16, 2009 - Design/Development, News, SEO, Tools

In April 2008, Google announced that page load time would effect your ad quality score for Pay Per Click ads.  They stated the main reason for implementing this factor was to give the user a better experience and to be able to serve web content faster.  In further efforts, Google released a great resource for […]

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Identifying Duplicate Content and How To Deal With It

Posted by Mark Thompson - December 15, 2009 - Tools

Duplicate content and plagiarism can be an easy way for a website to get penalized by the search engines or possibly banned.  The search engines have gotten much better at being able to check for duplicate content.  If you are interested, here is what Google has to say about duplicate content.  For website owners, bloggers, […]

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How Much Is Your Site Worth?

Posted by Mark Thompson - December 14, 2009 - Tools

Have you ever wondered how much your site or blog is worth?  Well there are a number of website valuation tools out there that can help give you an estimate as to what you could sell your site for.  Of course these numbers are not going to be 100% accurate because you need to take […]

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SOS Weekly Recap in Search 12/07/09

Posted by Mark Thompson - December 11, 2009 - SOS Recaps

Search Engine Land: SES Chicago ’09: Day One Live Blogging Search Engine Land: SES Chicago ’09: Day Two Live Blogging Search Engine Land: SES Chicago ’09: Day Three Live Blogging ReadWriteWeb: 5 Fabolous New Features Google Unveiled Today StayOnSearch: 100 SEO Blogs You Should Subscribe To Mashable: Google Launches Real-Time Search Search Engine Land: Google […]

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