Archive: May, 2008

Optimal Screen Resolution for Web Design

Posted by Mark Thompson - May 30, 2008 - Design/Development

UPDATE:  2010 Screen Resolution Statistics Screen resolutions have changed a lot over the past 8 years. Computer monitors have migrated to offer users  much smaller resolution choices. The days of 640 x 480 have long since past. This brings up a good question for web developers. “What should the average width of a website be?” Of course […]

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So, what does the Groundswell mean?

Posted by Mark Thompson - May 29, 2008 - Social Media

I just finished reading “Groundswell: winning in a world transformed by social technologies” by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. This is a must read for any internet marketer or company looking to implement Social Media Strategies. This book is jam packed with social media tactics, useful case studies, and up-to-date statistics. This book goes into […]

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Understanding Social Networking Demographics

Posted by Mark Thompson - May 28, 2008 - Social Media

Each Social media website develops its own community and its own demographic profile. With the ever changing world of social media, it can be hard to determine which social media community would be the most effective place to market your company. With one in four online American adults visit social networking sites at least monthly, […]

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