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Writing an article at StayOnSearch is not only a great way to get exposure, but it is a great way to give back to the community. A new user stumbles upon StayOnSearch for help and articles every day, and we help them out to have a successful and pleasant experience. By writing an article for us, you help the community which has helped you in the past because we were all beginners at some point.

Topics You Can Write About

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Make Money Online
  • Web Analytics
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Blogging/Content Development
  • Usability/Site Design/Site Architecture
  • Search News
  • E-commerce
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Social Media
  • Search Tools, Software, Guides, Resources

Guidelines & Guest Blogger Responsibilities

StayOnSearch does not tolerate spam. Please provide us with an original article. If you use another site please be sure to cite it in the resources section of your post.   Please make sure any image that you use is either Free Stock Photo, if not give credit to the author in the resources section of your post.

The rules and guidelines were created are to ensure that we provide only the highest quality of content and maintain the highest site standards possible.

  1. Every blog post should be 100% original content and should not be reproduced anywhere else on the web, including your own blog.
  2. A minimum of 600 words in length.
  3. Use proper blog etiquette that includes NO use of offensive, provocative or defamatory content.
  4. We do not accept affiliate or referral links in our posts.
  5. MUST include at least 2 images/screenshots that compliment the post.  Must be between 600-700px in width.  Use only high quality images that can be reproduced for the web.
  6. You MUST link internally to a minimum of two existing StayOnSeach posts that are relevant to your post.
  7. For a better chance of approval, please use blog formatting best practices (sub-headlines, numbered lists, bullet points, etc…), no Article formatting.
  8. StayOnSearch reserves the right to deny any post submitted.
  9. StayOnSearch reserves the right to edit the post for grammatical errors, headings, etc…
  10. Guest blogger MUST respond to comments within 24-48 hours of post being published or author links will be removed.

If you are promoting your own product, avoid using promotional language. Try to write an unbiased version of the article that shows all part of the product. Be sure to include, screenshots, videos, and any other media to facilitate the post. And lastly explain why it is useful to our audience.

The article you send us, must not be published on any other website using the exact same words and pictures. We understand when you are promoting a product it becomes hard to write distinguished content, but if you want a free review of your product, and promotion for yourself, you have to be creative.


In exchange for writing a unique post, we will give you full credit along with an author bio, picture and a link to your site/blog.  Once your post goes live, we work hard at promoting each and every post through our various social media channels.  So we will do our best to make each post go viral on various social bookmarking sites, Twitter, and Facebook.

In addition, we also allow you to place one of our StayOnSearch Contributor Badges on your own website or blog, to help you build recognition and credibility.

Getting Started

1.  Fill out the Guest Post Request Form Below
2.  We will send you access to a Contributor account.

  • Once we create your account: Add your full name, fill out a short profile, and feel free to add a link or two to your blog/site (use HTML to add links)
  • Signup to Gravatar.com to upload your photo – having an image is a must in your profile (Please use a personal photo)

3.  Write your post, save it, then submit it for review
4.  You will hear back from us ASAP on if it will be accepted and when it will be published

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