What You Can Learn from Google Instant Search

Posted by Kristi Hines - September 9, 2010 - SEM - 7 Comments

Google has just rolled out the new Google Instant search results. Now, all you have to do is type in one letter and you will start to get results instantly, without even hitting the Search button or enter key. Some interesting tidbits about the new search system according to the Google Instant information page include:

  • Google Instant will be available first in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer browsers.
  • Searches will take 2 – 5 seconds less. Globally, this would save 3.5 billion seconds a day.
  • Some areas will only see Google Instant when logged into their Google account – you can toggle it on and off when available on your preferences page.
Google Instant

So what can you learn from the new Google Instant search results?

Brand Domination Rules

Google Instant Search Results A

Depending on your location, just typing in one letter shows how major corporations and retail brands have the edge. For example, in the US:

  • A is for Amazon
  • I is for Ikea
  • K is for Kohl’s
  • L is for Lowe’s
  • N is for Netflix
  • R is for Redbox
  • T is for Target
  • V is for Verizon
  • W is for Wal-mart
  • X is for Xbox

Other letters are owned by major web services, including:

  • C is for Craigslist
  • F is for Facebook
  • G is for Gmail
  • H is for Hotmail
  • M is for MySpace
  • P is for Pandora
  • Y is for Yahoo

Target Your Long Tail Based on Suggestions

With suggestion results coming up instantly, it will be more important than ever to target long tail phrases that come up as you type in common keywords.

Google Instant Search Results Link Building

Learn more about how to use Google suggestions for keyword research.

Online Reputation Management Matters

If you think online reputation isn’t important, think again. With the new “Something Different” results popping up in the left sidebar, the last thing you want is negative search suggestions or results for your brand.

Google Instant Search Results Hosting

Look at how easy it is for someone to see the suggestion that this company is down often and results say they suck, and then go to the top hosting company suggestion in the sidebar to see nothing but positive reviews, coupons, and savings.

Google Instant Search Results Hosting

Optimize for Everything

So how do you create a good online reputation? Dominate your own top ten search results with as much varied optimization as possible by including local search marketing and social media to give your brands results like these.

Google Instant Search Results R

Get Into Shopping Results

If you are selling a particular product, you will want to make sure you get into these shopping results.

Google Instant Search Results X

Learn how to improve your product rankings through Google Merchant Center support and this article on how to rank well in Google Products search by SEOmoz.

Your Thoughts on Google Instant

How do you feel about the latest Google search changes, and how will they affect your website, brand, or business?

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Kevin Sghia
Kevin Sghia

Hi Kristi: I enjoyed this post. Do you have more information on reputation management and Google instant search, and what to do if you are negatively impacted by suggestions.


Google Instant is great, but can really become an distraction when you got an deadline like for tomorrow(projects).

Sean Kalooky
Sean Kalooky

Thanks for the insight into Google’s "Something Different" feature. Google Social Search made ORM even more important, and your post shed another light on the topic. The free tools listed in Top 25 Social Media Keyword Search Tools will help anyone getting started with social media monitoring. Would be interested to hear your feedback on tools like Alterian SM2, Radian6, Sysomos MAP/Heartbeat, etc.

James Spinosa
James Spinosa

Honestly I hate it, and not solely on the basis of the impact on SEO that many other webmasters are complaining about. It gives me a bunch of useless information that distracts me while I am typing. I know what I want to search for and what types of results I want to see, I don't need an algorithm to guess my needs for me.

rob sellen
rob sellen

I am in two minds about it all, on the one hand it looks promising for faster feedback and possibly faster results from anything that you do change, implement and on the other hand, I can't help wondering if it will create a whole new mess with people trying to game things further, whatever else happens, it's has made the top 3 spots way more valuable, being above the fold. It's going to get interesting, yet I also hope it weeds out more of the crap too. :) People need to rely less on the big G and start diversifying their traffic more.


I really like this new feature.