StayOnSearch Free Internet Marketing Course Launches Today!

Mark Thompson September 14, 2010

I am extremely excited to tell you guys about the new Internet Marketing course that I have been working on over the last few months.  It is a FREE 10 week course that goes through everything you want to know about Internet Marketing strategies and tactics.  It has some of the most up-to-date information, jammed packed with tons of great tips you can apply to your website or company’s marketing strategy.  Regardless if you are just starting out, or are an experienced marketer, I guarantee you will find this course to be a valuable resource.

Free 10 Week Course Outline:

  • Week 1 – Strategy: Understanding Your Goals and Setting Expectations
  • Week 2 – Market Research & Analysis: Know Your Target Market Before Spending Marketing Dollars
  • Week 3 – Paid Search: Using Pay-Per-Click Strategies to Drive Relevant Traffic that Converts
  • Week 4 – Search Engine Optimization: How to Gain Free Exposure and Traffic Through SEO
  • Week 5 – Content Creation: Creating Compelling, Valuable, and Viral Content
  • Week 6 – Link Building: How to Find Quality Link Building Opportunities
  • Week 7 – Local Search: Capturing Localized Traffic to Your Website
  • Week 8 – Social Media: Build Your Brand, Drive Traffic and Form Relationships Using Social Media
  • Week 9 – Making Money: How to Monetize for Your Website or Blog
  • Week 10 – Website Analytics/Testing: Understanding Your Audience and Increase Conversions Using Web Analytics
  • Bonus – Tools of the Trade: The Internet Marketers Toolbox

Once you sign-up I also have a few bonus surprises that you can take advantage as well.

==>  Click Here to Sign-Up for Free

Tom Aikins
Tom Aikins

I received your email and tried to log in but was directed to a page that had nothing on it. How are you supposed to access anything on this site?


earlier i have signed up in your site but still i have not got E-book. can you provide me one copy ASAP. Thanks

Michael Searles
Michael Searles

I got my Week One course content with-in minutes of signing up. Thanks.


Thanks for getting me an e-book.

Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson

Hey Tom, The course will be e-mailed to you over 10 weeks. Each week you will be e-mailed a new module of the course. Did you not receive the first week when you signed up? You should also receive a login email that will give you an account to manage your referrals. It provides a referral link, that once you refer 5 people you will be emailed the special bonuses. Feel free to reply to me if you are having troubles. Thanks, Mark


i got Week 1 - Strategy: Setting Goals, Expectations, and Roles/Responsibilities

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