The Ultimate Social Bookmarking Content Creation Guide (Part 5: Delicious)

Posted by Mark Thompson - August 25, 2010 - Social Media - 3 Comments

This is part 5 of a 5 part series that covers creating content for the following social bookmarking sites.


For anyone who is not familiar with Delicious, it is simply a more effective way to organize all of your favorite websites you findrather than the old-school “bookmark” in your browser. Delicious makes it super easy to manage your bookmarks, with the tagging feature.  All of your bookmarks will be grouped based on the tags you give each bookmark.  On top of using Delicious to bookmark your favorite content, there is a social aspect as well.  Your bookmarks are public, which allows other community members to see the sites that you find interesting.  This can turn people on to other websites where they share similar interests.

Watch “Delicious in Plain English” for a great example of how it works.


It is important that when you are writing your content you make sure your write about topics that are focused and specific to one theme/topic.  The reason this is so important is because others that bookmark your content will want to save it with certain tags.  The more users that tag your content with the same tags or keywords will have a better chance of gaining more exposure on Delicious.  If your content is broad with no specific topic, everyone may save your post with different tags, making it difficult to gain traction.

Another key tip to keep in mind about Delicious users, is they like to be able to save content to read later.  Make sure your content passes the “skim test”, meaning if they just read the title, headlines and bold text would it be compelling enough for them to want to save for later.

Types of content that gets bookmarked in Delicious:

  • References, Guides, and Handbooks
  • Ultimate Collections, Roundups
  • Long and Thorough Blog Posts
  • Funny, Comical, Humorous
  • How-To Guides, Tutorials, Educational Posts
  • Videos, Images, Podcasts, Rich Media
  • Tools, Software

Topics for Content

The Delicious population is very diverse that enjoys a wide variety of topics.  Even though Delicious users are open to various types of content, they tend to be on the geeky side, similar to Reddit and Digg.  As long as your content is compelling and comprehensive, the Delicious community will bookmark your content.

Categories that Tend to Go Viral

  • Technology
  • Online Games
  • Open Source Resources
  • Web-Based Tools and Resources
  • Comics/Animation
  • Gossip/Pop Culture
  • Opinion/Controversy
  • News/Current Events
  • Useful Services

Examples of Content That Went Viral on Delicious:

A great place to start is the Delicious Popular section.

Other Delicious Content Creation Resources:

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Hi Mark, I'm enjoying your guide for Social Media Content Creation. Delicious, like Digg and Stumbleupon, is one of my favourite social bookmarking sites. It's easy to use, though the tagging system it uses seems to be less targeted, as each word is space separated (rather than commas). Keywords are singular and may be in any combination. So I'm guess it make your bookmarks more searchable, but maybe less targeted???

Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson

Thanks Kim, found the mistakes and fixed. ...I guess thats what happens when you try writing a blog post at midnight, lol.

Kim Phillips | Lucid
Kim Phillips | Lucid Delicious. But you really should proof before sending out a blog post. Mistakes all over.