Huge List of 150 Compelling Headlines for Your Blog

Posted by Mark Thompson - April 19, 2010 - Blogging - 37 Comments

Over the years I have been compiling a list of headlines that I found compelling.  I thought I would share them with you so you can keep this list close by when you are coming up with headlines for your blog posts.

  1. # Tips To Simplify ______________
  2. Greatest _________ Tips of All Time
  3. Avoid ______________ Disasters
  4. ________________, What It Can Do For You
  5. # Things You Didn’t Know about ______
  6. # Reasons to Hate _________
  7. #Amazing Blogs about ________
  8. # Secrets about __________
  9. How Does ______ Work?
  10. How to be Great at _______
  11. # ____________ Myths Exposed
  12. _________ Myths vs. the Facts
  13. # Deadly _______Mistakes You Might Be Making
  14. #  Shocking Facts about _________
  15. # Questions to Ask about _________
  16. Everything You Know about _________ is Wrong
  17. # Amazing ________ Videos
  18. The Truth about _________
  19. The Science behind _________
  20. # Inspiring Quotes on _________
  21. # _______ Experts to Follow on Twitter
  22. # Funny Tweets about _________
  23. #  _______ Rules You Should Follow
  24. How I Increased My _________ Success by 200%
  25. # Cool ________Tricks You Aren’t Using
  26. What _________  can Teach You about _______
  27. # Money/Time Saving Tips for ______
  28. The Secret of Getting the Best Price for Your _______
  29. How to Find the Best _____ Deals on the Web
  30. Top Gadgets for _____
  31. Are _____ Worth the Money?
  32. Everything You Need to Know About Getting Cheaper _____
  33. Top # Tips For Hassle Free ______
  34. Best ________ For Under [Price]
  35. Unusual but Achievable _________
  36. # Ways to Boost Your ________ Without Spending More _____
  37. Ways to ________ on a Budget
  38. # Ways to _________ and Profit!
  39. # Audacious and Creative _____ Ideas
  40. Who Else Wants to ____?
  41. Now You Can ____ for Free!
  42. How to Get _____ in Half the Time
  43. # Stars and their ____
  44. _________ Life Styles of the Rich and Famous
  45. How to Look and Act ________
  46. Now You Can Have Get More and Better ____ With Less Effort
  47. ______ like a Movie Star
  48. # Ways You Can ____ Better Than You Deserve
  49. How to ________ in # Seconds
  50. Have a ________You Can Be Proud Of
  51. # _____ Conversation Tips
  52. Finding Your Perfect _______
  53. Plan a Perfect ______
  54. What ____ Really Want
  55. # Signs You Are/Can _______
  56. Get ____ Now
  57. The History of _______
  58. How _____ Will Impact _____ in [Year]
  59. _____ Then and Now
  60. # Predictions on the Future of ____
  61. The Modern Rules of ______
  62. ________ Lessons from History
  63. The _________ Story
  64. Are ________ a Dying Breed?
  65. How to Beat the Fear of _____
  66. # __________ Scams and How to Avoid Them
  67. How Secure Are Your __________?
  68. # Most Frightening ____
  69. Top # Scary _____ Facts
  70. Outrageous _____ and How they Could Impact You
  71. Get Rid of Your _____ Once and For All
  72. Could Your ______ be a ________?
  73. What Your ____ is Not Telling You About _______
  74. Beware ______ and How to Spot them
  75. # Good Ways NOT to ______
  76. How to Safely _______
  77. The Unseen/Biggest Dangers of _____
  78. ______ Do’s and Don’ts
  79. # Ways to Screw Up _____
  80. # Reasons Not to _____
  81. # _________ Danger Signs
  82. # things _________ Should Never Do
  83. What Everyone Ought to Know about ______
  84. ____ Personality Test: What Your ____ Says About You
  85. _____ Lies and How to Spot them
  86. _____ Facts and Myths
  87. The Real Truth About ______
  88. # Secrets the _____ Experts Don’t Want You to Know
  89. # Most Popular _____ Myths
  90. # ______ Facts You Need to Know
  91. The Secret of Successful _____
  92. Little Known Ways to _____
  93. Truth and Lies in _____
  94. All You Need to Know about _______
  95. # Lies We Tell Our _______
  96. # things Not to tell _______
  97. Revealed: Why _____
  98. How to Spot a Fake ______
  99. When is it Smarter to ____ or ____?
  100. Little Known Ways to ________
  101. # Reasons it’s Better to ______
  102. How to Plan the Ultimate _____
  103. How to _____ Like a _____
  104. ___ Jobs You Can Do Yourself
  105. Here is a Method That is Helping _____ to _____
  106. Here’s a Quick Way to _______
  107. # Creative Ways to ______
  108. How to be a _______
  109. #  Surprising Things You Can _____
  110. _____ Like an Expert in 10 Easy Steps
  111. # Expert ________ Tips
  112. # Reasons You Should ______
  113. Top # Worlds Cheapest/Best/Most Expensive _____
  114. The Worlds Best _____ You Can Actually Afford to Buy
  115. The Worlds Worst Ever _____
  116. The World’s Most Unusual _____
  117. Funniest ______ Stories
  118. Sexiest _______ in the World
  119. The Top # Best and Worst _____ in the World
  120. Top # Most ____ Friendly ____
  121. # Useful or Beautiful _________
  122. # Reasons _____ is Better than ______
  123. The Worlds Top # Most Important ______
  124. Top # Clips About _____ in Films and Television
  125. # ________ We Don’t Want to See ____
  126. # Most Hilarious _____
  127. The Worlds Worst _____ Advice
  128. # Reasons ____ is the Worst _____
  129. The Lazy ______’s Way to __________
  130. If You Don’t _________ Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later
  131. Do You Recognize the # Early Warning Signs of _____________?
  132. Give Me [short time period] and I’ll Give You _____________
  133. You Don’t Have to Be ________________ to be ______________
  134. See How Easily You Can __________________
  135. Fast Fixes for ______
  136. The Worst ______ Mistakes Ever
  137. Beginner’s Guide To ______
  138. What Everybody Ought to Know About ___________
  139. Get Rid of __________ Once and For All
  140. Little Known Ways to ____________
  141. Here is a Method That is Helping ________ to _________
  142. The Secret of ___________
  143. Who else wants to know how to ________________
  144. How to promote your ____________ for maximum response
  145. Enroll now and learn how to __________________
  146. Here are # hard-hitting reasons to visit __________ this week
  147. # Ways To ____________ For Guaranteed Success
  148. The Complete Guide to _________________
  149. Make Your Life Easier with ____________
  150. # Tips to Easy Your __________ Pains

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Grabbed about 15 of these headlines, compelling copy indeed. Thanks! -Alex


Thanks.......:)   Sure a great way to get your thinking cap going! 


This headline for me not just for blog post but can be used for copywriting to write for our squeeze page.

Ayden @ BigCommerce
Ayden @ BigCommerce

I was a little late to the party, but I'm starting to understand just how important a good title is. I use to treat this with a little time and effort. Not so much anymore. Of course by you coming up with this list Mark, it shows you surely understand the value of headlines. My recent post BigCommerce Review


Nice list, time to get writing. Thanks

Facebook Apps
Facebook Apps

All these heading are useful for blog.My favorite heading is "The Truth about _________"


Thanks for this list. bookmarking now!

Philip ze
Philip ze

I totally agreed with you, post title is very important. Crafting a compelling title will attract more readers for sure. Thanks for putting this together.

John Antaya
John Antaya

You have a great list put together. We sure can make a lot of use from it. Way to go. Best Regards John

Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson

Tia,Thanks for stopping by. If you do that, please let me know how it goes (thats a lot of work). The title is extremely important, since that is what the user looks at to decide if they want to keep reading or not.Thanks for the comments.

Tia Peterson, BizChi
Tia Peterson, BizChi

Mark - Just found you through MyBlogGuest - I missed your email but just found it and decided to come have a look.I wonder what would happen if I were to plan to write about all of these 150 titles over the next few months? You're on to something here. I'm strongly considering making that a challenge just to see what happens. The power of the title.Good work! Has got me thinking...Tia

Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson

Jeffrey,Thank you so much for the kind words. I am glad you like the blog. Hopefully you will help spread the word and share our content.FYI....been a big fan of your blog for some time now. Always stay up to date on what you are doing.Thanks for stopping by.Mark

Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith

Mark:You are a gifted writer, compelling, succinct and great tips to boot. I just found your blog and feel as if this was one of those hidden gems I have been missing out on.Great stuff, keep up the great work.

Cara Gourley
Cara Gourley

Keeping this handy and passing it onto my bloggers!

Cara Gourley
Cara Gourley

Keeping this handy and passing it onto my bloggers!

Paul Crowe
Paul Crowe

Great post Mark plenty of ideas to dig our teeth into.Although these types of titles have become very common they still get the high click through rates in search results.

Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez

Another great article. I am re-motivated to write again. Sometimes I get Bogged down on writing headlines. Thanks for the tips.

George Passwater
George Passwater

Nice list of headlines Mark. I also have kept a listing of headlines throughout the years and I will add yours to it. The headline is the most important thing for not only blog posts, but videos, social media copy, email and others. I LOVE your list of headlines as they could be used in any of those mediums.Thanks again!


Hey Mark, thanks for this great info. We'll be putting your ideas to use and following your posts.


I have to say that is a NICE list right there, and thanks for taking the time to write it and share it. You got a RT from me, keep it coming ;)

iPhone Developers
iPhone Developers

Really nice headlines specially "Everything You Need to Know About Getting Cheaper _____ ". Thanks for sharing

Phil Powdrill
Phil Powdrill

Excellent list. Like you I like to keep a file of ideas for headlines, and you've helped me add some new ones.ThanksPhil

Yan Susanto
Yan Susanto

This list puts copyblogger to shame (kidding!). Awesome and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your personal collection. Yan

Kristi Hines
Kristi Hines

Great list! I think headlines are probably my most difficult area when it comes to constructing a post. I don't know why, but I feel like (unless I have a list post) that coming up with a short yet compelling headline is more difficult than writing the post itself. Thanks for the ideas!


Great resource! The headline is the most important part of your blog entry. This also applies to video, facebook posts, and so much more.


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