Gary Vaynerchuk, Social Media in Action

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When it comes to social branding, there is none better than Gary Vaynerchuk.  Gary has build one of the largest followings on the web and he continues to gain new fans everyday.  For people that are not firmilar with Gary, he is a wine enthusiast…to say the least, social media evangelist, writer of the book Crush It, and chairman of the popular wine social network site, Cork’d.

I felt that Gary would be a great case study to see excellent social media marketing in action.  Let’s take a look at all of the social sites and profiles that Gary engages with.

Gary Vaynerchuk, Personal Brand

As anyone knows in social media, your personal brand is everything. is his personal brand site, designed to give users the understanding of who Gary is, what he does and how he can help your business.  Throughout his personal site, he has links to his TV appearances, his book, newsletter sign-up, social profile and fan pages.

Vayner Media Blog

The Vayner Media blog started in October of 2009 and already has a good readership. The blog is devoted to developing your brand and running a successful business. It also it the main company site and place for displaying clients that Vayner Media has worked with, while building credibility.


Gary’s home-base for all of the compelling video creation he has made throughout the years. A great way to centralize all of his knowledge and content creation about social media, brand building, web marketing and more. Check out some of the videos in his library, some really good stuff.


Similar to his Viddler profile, he uploads short video clips that talk about topics related social media, web 2.0, web technology and marketing.


Probably my favorite social profile of Gary’s is his Facebook profile.  Using a custom design and navigation, he is able to create a fun way of marketing all of his websites and ventures.  Under the “Who is Gary” tab, you can find unique designs that link to each of his profiles including twitter, Wine Library, Wine Library TV, his personal site and his book.


With almost 850,000 followers, Gary has been able to build a following that rivals most pop starts and celebrities.  With over 19,000 tweets about wine, his book, events, blog posts, and videos you can see how Gary has gotten to where he is today.  He has been able to product quality content, in multiple formats, while keeping his followers up to date using Twitter.


Like every other social outlet, Gary is active with Linkedin, with over 500+ connections. Similar to most profiles, he has provided links to his book, blog, and social network.  He also has a ton of positive reviews given from others in the industry and his clients.


With all of the content produced by Gary, you need a place to get updates from all of the media outlets.  Subscribe to his Friendfeed account to stay up to date on everything he is working on.

Wine Library TV

Gary’s spot for sharing his passion for wine.  An internet tv format, allowing for Gary to give wine reviews, tastings, his opinions on topics related to wine, and of course the Jets (if you haven’t noticed yet he likes the Jets).


A social network geared for wine enthusiasts who would like to share, review and discuss their passions for wine.  It is free to create an account, so if you are really into wine, this is a network you should be a part of.

As you can see from all of his social media efforts, there is a common theme.  He is building his brand, his philosophies, his passions, and the end result is more people wanting his products and services. If you ever have watched Gary, you know how extremely passionate he is about wine, business, and social media.  I love how he reiterates how if you are honest and genuinely care about your clients, that you will be successful.  If you are looking for a startup employee, make sure you find someone who is up to date on social media.

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Mike Pablate

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