Ensure Smarter User Experience Using the Right Analytics Tools

Posted by Nabanita Roy - March 3, 2011 - Analytics, Tools - 4 Comments

Do you know where your site is positioned in comparison to the other sites in your niche?  Have you any idea what is exactly missing in your business strategy?

If not , then you are missing out a vital element. User engagement is the key to successful business. So its pertinent that you know the requirements of your users before you take a step. Analyzing metrics can help to resolve this problem effectively.  However one tool cannot meet every requirement.

Why should you analyze with specific tools:

  • To track down the progress of your site and improve the factors working behind it.
  • Have an exact estimation of the percentage of visitors returning to your site at a certain regular interval.
  • Customize according to needs to provide better user experience for visitors.
  • Know your present standing to change your future strategies.
  • Incorporate changes

But how do you do that?  There are many tools by which you can measure the performance of your site.

A quick view of the most popular ones:

  1. Google Analytics: Calculates the exact amount of visitors returning coming back everyday. It helps you track down the places from where you get your maximum visitors . Visitor Recency as a part of Google analytics also helps in tracking visits (sessions) instead of people.
  2. Performable: Performable tracks down analytics at visitor-level and includes various other sections which are different from Google Analytics. Some of these are First and last touch attribution, time completion, and social sharing tracking of custom events. Moreover Performable’s exceptional strong base with its customer service advantages makes it a interesting tool for the users.
  3. Quantcast: The tool provides facilities for quick demographics and estimates of the website traffic. It aims on finding the right market by collecting log data from the participating websites. This uses third party cookies to collect the data.

However, if you want to try out something new and trendy here are some real-time monitoring tools you can check out:

  1. Chartbeat: A cool and trendy too to enable users to check the analytic in real time, understand the active engagement patterns and to make use of it. It focuses on unusual behaviour and updates from the users in real time. This makes it different from the traditional analytics results.
  2. Clicky: It is often recommended for its easy to use features. It contains simplified automatic track facility for external clicks and plugins for WordPress. Which makes everything just a click away!
  3. Mixpanel: Mixpanel is another real-time analytics service available. It is designed mainly for companies for understand users engagement with web applications. It helps in tracking down data send through Facebook applications, iPhone/Android applications, and standalone destination websites.
  4. Piwik: Piwik is a open source, real time web analytics software program which needs to be downloaded. It gives you with detailed reports on your website visitors. That included search engines results, keywords used, languages and popular pages. It serves as a favorable open source alternative to many users.
  5. Webtrends: It helps in turning the data from your web site, blogs, online campaigns to understandable data. Webtrends Analytics products like ‘On Demand’ and ‘On Premises’ provides you with real-time data, intelligent alerts, and sharing options with teams. Thus managing options are made much more personalized and smarter.

Above all, analytics are just the guidelines which needs to be properly implemented to receive desired results. Along with analytics you need to know your viral coefficient factors well to ensure better usability. It’s not just about the knowledge but the implementation that can make the difference!


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Austin Realtor
Austin Realtor

This is a pretty good list of tools. I've personally tried Clicky and Perfomable and I can say that they're both good. Webtrends interest me too. I want to check out how those intelligent alerts will benefit me.

tool steel
tool steel

Very happy to see your article, I very much to like and agree with your point of view.


Nice list of tools - haven't heard about some of them. Though I must say Google probably takes the prize. Another Analytics tool that I use - it isn't for everyone, but it can go a long way for companies that usually get a high number of phone calls through their website - it is called the REF Code Analytics ( http://www.9thsphere.com/refcode-analytics.html ) - it is an analytics tool that permits you to track visitors and their navigational path around the website etc. but these leads do not fill out a contact form or a get a quote form per say - so there is no landing page conversion generated for them. However, these visitors come to the contact page etc. and instead call the company directly. Through REF Code, you can track these visitors and count them as a conversion. The tool can be linked together with GA & that lets you see all the details. It is something any company that gets a high volume of calls through their website, should install.


Thanks for the tips. I will definitely check into it.