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5 Effective Ways to Reduce Website Bounce Rate

Brian Taylor October 25, 2012

The only effective way to maximize your online marketing “return on investment” is to use website-tracking tools. Only by understanding your company’s website analytics, can you precisely identify and monitor your site’s potential customer conversion rate, and significantly reduce the company website bounce rate. What to Do with Analytical Data Many small business owners lack… Continue Reading »

Measuring Online Marketing Metrics

Mark Thompson March 15, 2012

While traditional marketing (on TV, radio and print) is still prevalent as ever, online marketing is slowly but steadily growing to become a strong marketing weapon. For one, online marketing – which includes video ads, expandable banners, floating ads, takeovers and tear-backs – has a wider reach. It expands your audience base to people from… Continue Reading »

What Google Analytics can Tell You About your Site’s Rankings

Mike Collins January 5, 2012

For most internet marketers, SEO is a fairly cut-and-dry process: keyword research, SEO content creation and building backlinks. This is how it’s been ever since we “figured out” Google’s algorithm. By using these basic steps, websites have achieved first page rankings for any keyword you could imagine. But times are changing. Google’s been doing a… Continue Reading »

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