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Google Penguin: AKA, “Get Your Act Together”

Devin Kostrzewski December 15, 2012

Since Google’s newest and somewhat controversial algorithm update dubbed “Penguin” first hit the web in April 2012, users quickly discovered that Google’s update was anything but small, cute and cuddly. Hundreds of thousands of websites were slapped with Google “penalties” informing them that until they fixed their website of “manipulating their PageRank” through various shady methods, they… Continue Reading »

How to Increase Your Page Rank by Getting Links to Your Website

Carl Glasmyre December 4, 2012

Ever since Google became the major player among search engines, web masters have been trying to figure out the algorithms Google uses to rank websites. Although the actual numbers are a closely guarded secret, we do know that one important factor in ranking pages has to do with how many high-quality sites have links to… Continue Reading »

The Dangers of Black Hat SEO After Google Penguin

Dirk Reagle November 28, 2012

Since the Penguin was dumped by Google on the world of search engine optimization in April of 2012, numerous changes have become part of the SEO game and both Optimization service providers and DIY webmasters have had to adapt accordingly -or risk massive deranking in some cases. Although Google Penguin has been heavily commented on,… Continue Reading »

5 Effective Ways to Reduce Website Bounce Rate

Brian Taylor October 25, 2012

The only effective way to maximize your online marketing “return on investment” is to use website-tracking tools. Only by understanding your company’s website analytics, can you precisely identify and monitor your site’s potential customer conversion rate, and significantly reduce the company website bounce rate. What to Do with Analytical Data Many small business owners lack… Continue Reading »

10 Things For You To Check When Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working

Pratik Dholakiya October 6, 2012

Having a SEO strategy these days has become absolutely essential for any business to have a good presence on the web. Just getting a website made is not enough. You need to find out ways of getting people to know about (and use) that website, in order to generate more business for you. Very often,… Continue Reading »

Where to Focus Your Photo Sharing Efforts in 2013

Steven Papas October 3, 2012

Photo sharing has made a booming market in recent years helping both small and large businesses alike. It can be used to properly manage marketing strategies, keep employees up-to-date and better interact with customers and clients. While it started as a simple tool with which friends and family members could use to share memorable moments,… Continue Reading »

Why Invest on SEO Even Though It Isn’t Cheap?

Kyle Kam September 3, 2012

There are approximately 6.89 billion pages indexed on the World Wide Web as of July 10, 2012. Out of the 7 billion people that currently populate the Earth, about 2.26 billion are Internet users as of the end of 2011. When a start-up company thinks of creating a website, having to compete with this staggering… Continue Reading »

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