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How Pay Per Click Management Can Be Effectively Used In Ecommerce

Ashley Jones March 4, 2013

On certain occasions, handling a PPC or pay per click campaign for an e-commerce website might turn out to be difficult. E-commerce advertisement companies often face plenty of hardship in the paid search domain when they are trying to maintain everything in order. The problem gets aggravated for companies that don’t have a flexible and… Continue Reading »

Introduction to Product Recommendation Engines

Ruban Corbo February 15, 2013

For those adept at internet marketing, you may have heard of product recommendation engines before. For those who haven’t, you’ve likely stumbled upon one in your internet browsing experience before and weren’t aware of it. What is a Product Recommendation Engine? A product recommendation engine takes into account the user’s previous internet browsing history and… Continue Reading »

Why Branding Should be at The Center of Your Online Strategy

Stephen Logan October 10, 2012

Time, tide and now search engines wait for no man. A few years ago the notion of online branding was still alien to many. Sure, you’d secure your domain and talk about how great you are on every page of the site, but optimisation would revolve primarily around keywords, not your brand. However, things are… Continue Reading »

How to Use Email to Reach Out to an Existing Customer Base

Robert Woodford October 9, 2012

When it comes to promoting or growing your business online, mailing lists and email campaigns offer massive benefits. However, many business owners overlook one of the most powerful ways to utilize these tools. While building your mailing lists and capturing customer information is important, analyzing your existing customers and re-engaging them can turn a one-time… Continue Reading »

Online Marketing Crossing The Conventional Conception of SEO

Alexandrabrian July 1, 2012

The connotations associated with the word online marketing include the processes of SEO and PPC. To most of the businesses in the market, the online marketing is either search engine optimization or Pay per click. Businesses are either oblivious of the rest of online marketing function or they never bother to find out the truth…. Continue Reading »

5 Brilliantly Simple Ways to Keep Your Newsletter Away from the Spam Folders

Ada Ivanova April 24, 2012

We all hate spam but some guys and gals are making a living out of sending emails of the legitimate variety. Even if you don’t belong to this group because you send newsletters only occasionally, the tips in this article will be of great use to you. 1. Never Send Unsolicited Emails! The most obvious… Continue Reading »

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