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3 Ways to Enhance Your Blog’s Success

Posted by Ryan Sandberg - September 8, 2011 - Blogging, Make Money Online

Blogging success isn’t going to come overnight, and it most likely won’t happen in a couple of months either. Successful blogs are backed by several months, if not a couple of years, of hard work and dedication. Profitable blogs with strong readerships and excellent advertising were created through everyday posting and careful calculations. Their owners […]

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Interview with Ghost Bloggers Creator, Davy Kestens

Posted by Mark Thompson - September 2, 2011 - Blogging

Recently I connected with Davy Kestens, an Internet Entrepreneur who recently created a brand new service called Ghost Bloggers.  Ghost Bloggers is essentially a marketplace where content publishers and content buyers can do business.  This allows bloggers to create quality content and be compensated by other businesses and organizations that are in search of content […]

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Worried about Content Theft? Here are few tips to avoid It!

Posted by Dave Scott - August 27, 2011 - Blogging

Introduction So you’ve made your own blog. Good for you! You’ve hopefully added content that your viewers will love, you enjoy the communication it allows and you are, with any luck, making a decent amount of cash from your blog. The question now is, how do you avoid your hard work being stolen and used […]

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Blog Marketing Strategies: That Makes People Click

Posted by Amanda Kidd - August 19, 2011 - Blogging

Blogs have become the communication tool of the next generation. They no longer need to spend a lot of money if they want to communicate with the masses. They are well equipped with the tools in their PC. While this is true, it also has its own share of side effects. The side effects include […]

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5 Quick Tips for Improving Your Blog Writing

Posted by Obaidul Haque - August 15, 2011 - Blogging

Words have the potential to create magic. When appropriately woven, they can instantly create an emotional attachment with readers. Whether you want to start a blog or desire to become a freelance writer, you need to work upon your writing skills to make it better and better with each passing day. It’s been told over […]

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4 Reasons to Continue Blogging (Other than Making Money)

Posted by Patricia - August 4, 2011 - Blogging, Make Money Online

Most of us begin blogging because we have a specific knowledge or passion to share with others. Perhaps you love to write, or love you to discuss topics and issues with others whom you may not know. After a few years, however, I’ve found that many bloggers have continued blogging because they want to “make […]

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Key Tips You Can Use to Design Your Blog

Posted by Obaidul Haque - August 1, 2011 - Blogging

In order to build something upon it, you should lay a firm foundation. Apart from what kind of content you offer your audience, you should also pay careful attention to what we call ‘visual branding’ of a blog. A well thought-out blog design can instantly create a buzz in the target market. Surprisingly enough, not […]

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Will Niche Blogging Work for You?

Posted by Warner Carter - July 28, 2011 - Blogging

Blog experts say that niche blogging is the excellent way to engage a specific audience. The concept of niching is nothing new to marketing: when applied to blogging, it simply means that blog writers can focus on subjects that are targeted toward a specific audience. This focus in some ways can make the job easier […]

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