25 Promises and Advice Given By Unethical SEO Firms

Posted by Mark Thompson - April 2, 2010 - SEO - 7 Comments

Ahh yes, we have all received e-mails from SEO companies promising the world for $199/month!  Unfortunately there are more unethical SEO companies out there than ones you can trust.  So if you are a business or organization looking for a reputable firm to hire, how do you know what to look for? or more importantly what NOT to look for?

Here are 25 red flags you should be aware of if a SEO company says:

  1. We Promise First Page Rankings
  2. We Promise #1 Keyword Placement
  3. We Promise a Certain Number of Keywords to Rank on Page 1
  4. We Guarantee x Percentage in Organic Traffic
  5. SEO Can Be a Short-term Marketing Strategy
  6. Pay Us to Get on Google
  7. We Have a Special Arrangement with Google
  8. You Don’t Have to Contribute to a Social Media Strategy
  9. You Don’t Need to Worry About Website Content
  10. We Will Replicate Your Site and Put it on Multiple Domains
  11. We Will Duplicate a Page Hundreds of Times
  12. We Can Hide Text by Matching the Same Color as the Background
  13. Stuffing the Keywords in the Title Will Help
  14. Automated Link Building Will Help Your Rankings
  15. We Know the Exact Algorithm Google Uses to Rank Sites
  16. Rankings Are Everything in SEO
  17. We Don’t Need to Touch Your Website Code
  18. We Can Take Articles From Other Sources and Put Them on Your Site
  19. You Need to Pay Monthly for your Local Business Listings to Show Up
  20. Visitor Traffic is the Only Thing to Worry About
  21. You Have to Submit Your Website to the Search Engines
  22. Reciprocal Link Exchange Can Increase Your Rankings
  23. We Can Get Your Site Unbanned for x Dollars
  24. All You Have to Do is Add Keywords in the Code
  25. We Build Only Manual Links – Even Though They Are Automated

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Mark is the creator of StayOnSearch and president of Search Creatively, a full-service Internet Marketing Company located in Raleigh, North Carolina. He also contributes to many industry related blogs including Search Engine Journal and is active on Facebook and Twitter. Follow Mark on Twitter
Vasilis Mavroudis
Vasilis Mavroudis

Hi! Nice article, I agree with most of it. After all a client that knows what he pays for, won't get excited with words "first", "best", "#1" etc


Great advice, there are a lot of shady operators out there and if you pick the wrong SEO firm your site can really suffer.

Pat Williams
Pat Williams

Excellent advice! Searching for a good seo firm can be like a needle in a haystack. There are many companies out there who are unethical. You have to make sure you do your homework before choosing one.

SEO Company
SEO Company

but the fact is - they've fool many site owners alreadywell, i would say this is just part of a strategy - we SEO's knows what clients want to hear and so we'd let them hear itgreat article, hopefully clients would spend time to check what SEO is all about before engaging to any companies


SEO companies can provide you valuable services to optimise your site in order to get maximum customer’s attention, but some SEO companies with their overly aggressive marketing efforts and manipulating the search engine results in an unfair manner are creating a situation for the industry where the customers are loosing their trust.social bookmarking


WE PROMISE FIRST PAGE RANKING...that's the most common promise I see on the web. It's sad that some entrepreneur take the bait. It's still a good thing to stick with the ethical way of optimizing your site, may take a bit slow but will surely last. By the way when Google ban a site or blocked your site, you don't have to pay someone $xxx to do it, you can actually contact Google yourself and ask for reasons why your site was banned and perhaps you can still do something. I've done this before within 24-28 hours I got a reply and my site was up again. It was only because of a malware attack all I needed was clean my server that's all. I didn't pay anyone.


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