Monthly Archives: December 2012

Improve Your Content Marketing With Infographics

Brian Taylor December 26, 2012

Content marketing plays an important role in attracting customers to your product/service. One of the best ways to improve content marketing is to use infographics for driving more visitors to your website. According to the Survey, the fastest growing content format is infographics and its use has increased by 1.5 times since 2011. Marketing using… Continue Reading »

Facebook’s Growing List of Worldwide Affiliates

Lorien Roux December 24, 2012

Facebook has recently implemented a few revisions to their policy with regards to the way they handle your data, and this came into effect after a vote by the social network giant’s users. One of the biggest changes is that Facebook is now entitled to share your information with its affiliates worldwide. This leads to… Continue Reading »

How Can SMBs Use Blogging To Improve Local Sales?

Chris Barnwell December 23, 2012

Of late, there have been a lot of attempts by small businesses to get visibility on local searches – and not without reason. Local SEO is very rapidly replacing the traditional Yellow Pages primarily because it is simpler, faster and more accurate. Under these circumstances, it becomes essential for local businesses to make sure that… Continue Reading »

Google Penguin: AKA, “Get Your Act Together”

Devin Kostrzewski December 15, 2012

Since Google’s newest and somewhat controversial algorithm update dubbed “Penguin” first hit the web in April 2012, users quickly discovered that Google’s update was anything but small, cute and cuddly. Hundreds of thousands of websites were slapped with Google “penalties” informing them that until they fixed their website of “manipulating their PageRank” through various shady methods, they… Continue Reading »

‪How To Write Content Your Readers Will Actually Read‬

Hannah N December 13, 2012

Blogs have become the lifeblood of many businesses. The articles we generate are a way to educate and/or train clients and customers, while crafting our image and building credibility. The key to any successful blog is, of course, its content. The popular quote states “content is king”, but an idiot can create content. Just because… Continue Reading »

4 Unconventional Ways to Promote Your E-Commerce Store

Richard Fisher December 10, 2012

Times are truly tough as there are so many uncertainties about the economy and finances. Almost all consumers are tightening their grip on their own dollars. If you are operating an e-commerce store, you may have to be more resourceful when marketing your site and the products and services it sells. Promoting your business and… Continue Reading »

The Future of Video Blogging

Lorien Roux December 9, 2012

Video blogging or “vlogging” is becoming a very popular online trend and most internet users will agree that video blogs are popping up in every niche and industry. According to recent statistics from internet giant YouTube, more than 65% of U.S. based internet users view online videos, and they each spend no less than 6… Continue Reading »

Optimizing Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Michelle Rebecca December 8, 2012

Email marketing can be incredibly lucrative if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, most people do not and the majority of marketing emails end up in the trash without ever having been opened or given a second thought. Is there a surefire way to guarantee that your emails will be opened and read by your… Continue Reading »

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