Monthly Archives: January 2012

7 Ways to Get More Comments on Your Facebook Page

Obaidul Haque January 30, 2012

Facebook posts look stale without comments on them. Getting fans to comment on your Facebook pages requires time and effort. However, you can expedite the process by following a couple of proven tips. Getting comments on Facebook posts is all about encouraging your fans to participate at a conversation. What’s important is that you know… Continue Reading »

5 Big Reasons You Should Start Using Q&A Sites Immediately

Obaidul Haque January 26, 2012

I’ve developed a strong liking for Q&A sites (Yahoo Answers, Quora, LinkedIn Answers, Stack Overflow etc). No matter which niche you belong to, you can always leverage these online platforms to fulfill a wide variety of goals. If you can differentiate between top quality and poor quality Q&A websites, you can quickly exploit this phenomenon… Continue Reading »

How Social A/B Testing Generates Traffic

Ruban Corbo January 25, 2012

Marketers have long understood the benefits of ab testing content on their site to increase subscriptions, signups, and sales through small changes on elements of their site. In this increasingly interactive web, have you considered the placement of your social buttons? Optimizing your public image can result in more shares, followers, and an increase in… Continue Reading »

8 Proven Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Website or Blog Successfully

Rosette Summer January 23, 2012

SO here it is: my definitive guide to getting the bounce rate of your blog or your website down to manageable (i.e. significantly reduced) levels: Terminology First! Before we begin, let’s be sure we know what we are talking about. Bounce rate is a single page visit, either to your blog or your site, where… Continue Reading »

LIVE Webinar Tonight at 9pm EST – Two 7-Figure Info Marketers Spill Their EXACT Blueprint

Mark Thompson January 19, 2012

StayOnSearch Readers….I wanted to tell you about a little TREAT I have in store for all of you!  At 9pm EST, I will be hosting a webinar with two of the most respected Informational Marketers in the industry. This content-packed webinar is going to be chalked full of industry secrets and the EXACT blueprint that… Continue Reading »

Creative Online Brand Research: Using eBay as a Niche Marketing Tool

Jen Thames January 17, 2012

While the Internet has been busy getting its groove on EBay, the first real online auction site, has been quietly working away without Meg Whitman. Whether you are looking for Prada shoes of LED HDMI cables, EBay is a one stop-shopping extravaganza. The really interesting thing about EBay is that it is without a doubt… Continue Reading »

What Google Analytics can Tell You About your Site’s Rankings

Mike Collins January 5, 2012

For most internet marketers, SEO is a fairly cut-and-dry process: keyword research, SEO content creation and building backlinks. This is how it’s been ever since we “figured out” Google’s algorithm. By using these basic steps, websites have achieved first page rankings for any keyword you could imagine. But times are changing. Google’s been doing a… Continue Reading »

Six New Year’s Resolutions for an Affiliate Marketer

Obaidul Haque January 1, 2012

Promoting affiliate products can prove to be an excellent way of earning some extra money online. To become a successful affiliate marketer, you definitely need to learn the basics of internet marketing and equip yourself with some of the most useful affiliate marketing tools and skills. As we enter the new year, it’s time again… Continue Reading »

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